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Thanks for your interest in my photography.

It may very well be a wise investment. Everyone knows that after an artist dies their work skyrockets in value and hey, I’m getting old and lately I’ve developed this nagging little cough so… who knows? You might get lucky.

Most of my work is meant to be reproduced to fit into a standard-sized 8x10 frame. I print my work smaller than most fine art photographers because it encourages the viewer to get up close and personal to study the details, in effect “pulling” them into the photo, thus creating an intimate bond between the observer and the image. This makes it all the more meaningful for the buyer. It also makes it easy to hang in small spaces. Of course, should you desire a larger size I can probably accommodate that too. Just ask and we can work out the details.

For the standard framed 8x10 I charge $495. Larger sizes are by quote. To order please use the contact form and I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss the particulars and see what we can do to get my photographs in your hands, and on your walls.

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