T. J. Hankins is an award-winning photographer who lives and works in Redding, CA. Born in Grants Pass, Oregon, Hankins completed his photography education at the Glen Fishback School of Photography in Sacramento, CA.  Hankins owned and operated a small product photography studio in Rohnert Park, CA for 17 years before joining The Petaluma Argus-Courier as Photo Editor in 2003. During his stint in photojournalism, he also co-owned Looking Glass Images, a Petaluma portrait studio, from 2007 - 2012. He currently devotes his time exclusively to fine art photography.


Although photography is my medium, I see myself as a painter, using light, shadow and texture as my paintbrush and palette. It is my desire for my images to have a sense of timelessness, inspiring a vision not only of what was, but what could be.  With each image I create, I hope to evoke a shared memory, a desire, or a connection to a sense of people and place.  In the Fine Art Collection my photos are enhanced through textures layered over the image, creating a painted look to the pictures.

After more than 35 years in the business, I’m just as enthusiastic about photography as I was that first day in my high school darkroom, watching the image magically appear from within the developer. Whether I’m chasing a passing storm or arranging an introspective still life, I take equal pride in all my pieces and bring that same passion to every photograph I create.

- T. J. Hankins

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